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Each year we are adding more cities nationwide to participate in our annual  Walk to End-FLUenza events. This donation would support one city to participate. What city would you like to have the Walk to End-FLUenza held in? Do you have a loved one who lost their fight to flu and you want a Walk in their memory?


One of our main missions is to increase vaccination rates. In order to do so, along with education and awareness information, so informed decisions can be made, we need to be able to offer easy access and no cost flu shots. We cant offer these without your help. This donation would cover 100 flu shots. We need your help protecting everyone!


Your donation will sponsor one city in the United States to be an active community in receiving our made with love #fluhat packages. This will cover materials such as brochures and personal stories that are in the packages. Help us bring awareness!


At each of our events and also a part of each campaign comes the delivery of our informative and very moving brochures. These brochures contain life changing information, like facts and statistics about flu. It also contains life saving information like what actions to take to prevent influenza. This donation will cover 5,000 brochures printed- hot off the press for us to make a difference. 


A very special part of our #fluhat packages are our stories of children who were affected by flu tragically. These stories are important in so many ways. This donation not just provides us with 5,000 prints but you are giving a mom or a dad healing. Sharing these stories in our #fluhat packages has been a way for those to continue the legacy of their child while making a difference. Help keep the legacy going!

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We want you to know that no donation amount is insignificant. As a registered non profit 501c3 we solely rely on donations, grants and sponsors to continue our mission and serve you. We hope you are as passionate as we are about our organization, mission and goals. We have achieved so much, please consider donating any amount you are able. We deeply appreciate it. 









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