About the Flu Hat Campaign

This is our major year around campaign. Our concept involves creating opportunities for flu education, by distributing hand-made  hats to families. These “made with love” hats will be packaged along with flu awareness educational materials. This campaign is one of those platforms for our families. Each bag includes a story of a child who has either been affected by influenza or one who lost their fight to the flu. This gives us the opportunity to really reach the hearts of our audience and have an impact that is real. Flu really can kill. Vaccinate yourself. Protect yourself and everyone around you. Of course, the key component of this campaign has been procuring the large number of hats needed. In addition to our volunteers who deliver these packages, we are fortunate and grateful to have enlisted many wonderful volunteers specifically for the task of hat making. Generous and caring people from all over the world have been contributing their time (and yarn) to crochet or knit hats for us. The organization received packages as far as India! We are so thrilled to announce we have delivered over 7,000 Flu Hat Packages to 45 different hospital in 26 states! Our deliveries are constant and all year! Our goal is to surpass the number of deliveries from the year before each year! Our major Hat drop is during National Influenza Vaccination Week in December. 

This is a nationwide campaign and we are continuesly looking for volunteers to gather hats and deliver to their local hospital or pediatrician office. We also need hats. This campaign would not be possible without the donation of yarn and crocheted or knitted hats! 

Contact us form more information or if you are interested in joining our Flu Hat Campaign team!

About Walk to Fight the Flu

In August 2016 we organized and ran our first awareness and fund-raising drive in Tacoma, WA. It was success in both of these key areas, and we were also able to get many children and adults Flu-immunized on the spot!This year, 2017 we have added Lowell, Mass on our schedule and successfully accomplished a superb 1st annual event that reached so many families in the local area. We had incredible support from Walgreens who administered our Flu vaccines that we were able to extend at NO COST! There was such an impact we were even able to extend our protection to bystanders and those just strolling the park with their families! We were joined by 20 vendors some of which were local businesses right in the heart of Lowell. Just one week later, we held our 2nd annual Walk to Fight the Flu in Tacoma, Wa. We received unplanned publicity, as a result our two events were featured on three local television stations. The turn out was excellent and we are excited to say we protected 149 families with a Flu vaccine this 2017-2018 season. This would have not been possible without our donors. Not to mention, we were able to raise a great amount for the organization to continue these efforts in serving and protecting our communities and families.

Would you like to bring Walk to Fight the Flu to your community?

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