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How we came about

After the tragic loss of Founder, Rebecca Hendricks daughter, Scarlet Taylor she knew she was set out to do something positive with her broken heart. Long sleepless nights. Days and days of research, tears and many thoughts. It led to one conclusion. People don't know how deadly this virus is and they aren't looking for the information to find out. It was then she realized she had to find a way to touch the hearts of families and make an impact on communities nationwide. She had to spare other families from experiencing the same tragedy she did. Soon, The End-FLUenza Project became her life boat.

Who we are

The End-FLUenza Project is an organization filled with many different people who were effected by flu. Some of us lost a loved one to this deadly virus. Others are alive to tell the story themselves.  

Most of all, we are family. We are here to better educate you on flu. To help you make an informed decision on vaccination as well as lifestyle changes your family can make to keep the flu out of your home.Those affected by flu- We know, your loved one's life is precious. We need to let the world know. This is a place you can keep your loved ones life alive and share their story throughout the nation. Each member in our organization is here as a support system. We have many avenues of support to offer you and your family.

Our Mission

Increase vaccination rates among children by empowering families with the knowledge to make informed decisions about vaccination, preventative lifestyle changes as well as keeping those lives lost by flu, alive through our awareness campaigns.

Stories of Courage and Loss

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The End-FLUenza Project

PO Box 11151 Tacoma, WA 98411